We pray that Allah  accept from all their support of AIC through hard work or the hard earned money. Donating for the sake of Allah  to build and supporting His  house of worship is the best cause that deserves the attention of all Muslims in Pittsburgh.  This is because the Masjid is where many good deeds are observed, including prayer, dispensing your Zakat, learning Islam, bonding to achieve brotherhood, raising the kids to learn about Islam, and many other deeds with tangible and intangible effect.  Addition of a new Masjid is a blessing for all those who have and will contribute, effort, time, and/or money.  With sincerity in respecting the Masjid sanctity and with piety, only the best of things can be achieved for the community at AIC and to that of the greater Pittsburgh Muslim community.


You can support us in many ways.


Direct Auto-withdrawal:

This is our best value for the donation you give. No fees or extra expenses are required. It is the highly secured mode of transaction, with the Bank providing the tightest possible security. All we need is your account number and the amount you like to donate monthly and a voided check. To apply please see the treasurer of AIC.


Direct Bank Deposite:

You can directly deposite into our PNC Bank account. Ask the Bank teller to make a deposit into Attawheed Islamic Center account number ending with 4695.


Donate via PayPal:

To make it easy for Brothers and Sisters to contribute at a click of some buttons and be as effortless as one may have, we have opened a PayPal account to receive contributions via instant transfer from your bank account. All you need to have is to be registered with PayPal and you'll be on your way.


Mail Donation:

You may choose to send your check by snail mail to our address.


Supporting by Volunteering: 

Serving Muslims is a great honor.  Allah  rewards in multiple according to how perfect (Ihsan) one tries to be in doing so.  Indeed one of the purposes of the Masjid is to provide the means for doing good deeds for the sake of Allah , as one would be serving His  House by volunteering.  If you have a skill that you feel could be useful for the advancement of the Masjid goals and objectives, please do not hesitate to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..