Attawheed Islamic Center has acquired burial rights on 319 lots at Chartiers Cemetery located in Carnegie, just 2 miles from AIC.  AIC section is reserved for Muslims' only use and will be enclosed with fences.  This section is also treated and used as 'Green Cemetery' (eco-friendly), without a use of a casket or a concrete vault and hence cheaper and more typical to burial in Muslim countries.

We have also contracted Leo J. Henney Funeral Home in Carnegie to satisfy funeral needs that includes all transportation, and providing Ghusl facility.

AIC is seeking volunteers of both genders who can provide Ghusl service on short notice basis.  Please, contact AIC Janazah Assistance Team for further information.

We require following information on the deceased:

  • Full name
  • Age
  • Date of birth
  • Date of death
  • Gender
  • Marital status 
  • Home address
  • Place of death and address, if available

 We require following information on the next of kin of the deceased:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Relationship to deceased
  • Phone number for immediate access (Mobile phone# is typical)
  • Signature of next of kin is required prior to burial


Family/Next of Kin, should follow these steps for Janazah arrangements at the AIC Facility and Cemetery

1. Contact AIC office; make appointment to fill out burial form and payment for the lot (You can pay by cash, check or money order only).
    (412) 344-4404 Ext# 1.

2. Contact Cemetery office and make an appointment to fill out the interment form. Make payment for opening/closing cost.
    (412) 276-3366

3. Contact Funeral Home to arrange for pick-up and wash. Make payment for the funeral home arrangements. 
    (412) 279-4444

4. Contact Imam and arrange for Salat-al-Janazah.
    (412) 344-4404 Ext#2

5. Headstones can be arranged with the cemetery directly at any time before or after burial.



Important addresses and phone numbers:


Attawheed Islamic Center

401 Washington Ave.

Carnegie, PA 15106

Tel: (412) 344-4404 Ext# 1


Leo J. Henney Funeral Home 
323 2nd Avenue 
Carnegie, PA 15106
Tel: (412) 279-4444

Chartiers Cemetery 
801 Noblestown Road 
Carnegie, PA 15106

Tel: (412) 276-3366